Dr. Kalfani Nyerere Turé

"Mediocre Teachers Tell; Good Teachers Explain;
 Superior Teachers Demonstrate, but Great Teachers Inspire" 
~ Lenwerd Gunther


A practicing urban ethnographer trained in anthropology and criminology, he currently holds a Postdoctoral Associate position in the Urban Ethnography Project at Yale University and teaches a course on race and policing or as he notes policing race. He earned his BA in African/African American Studies and Criminal Justice/ Criminology at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; his MA in Applied Anthropology at Georgia State University; and his Ph.D., in Anthropology at American University. As a critical race scholar, he ethnographically explores the intersections of race, place structural violence. In particular and through his multi-disciplinary training, he studies a range of social phenomena to include displacement from public housing, gentrification, urban inequality and crime, policing and community relations. In between his undergraduate and graduate studies, he engaged in a folk ethnographic project of law enforcement agencies at the municipal, county and state level believing that as an aspiring social scientist (criminologist), he could offer a more informed perspective on the criminal justice system and race. In becoming a sworn police officer for approximately five years, he worked in three Atlanta metropolitan area law enforcement agencies. His professional and academic training allows him to offer the foremost insights into American policing, race and crime. He is currently pursuing an ethnographic study of police encounters of stigmatized, urban and African Americans and Latino/a citizens.